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Mind-Spring opvoedingsondersteuning werd op effectiviteit onderzoekt in Denemarken.


Resume of Evaluation Mind-Spring parenting support in Danmark

By “ALS research” Copenhagen. 2013
(translaten from danish to English by Google translate)

Memo's background and purpose
Danish Refugee Council in the period October 2010 to December 2012 developed and tested Mind Spring - the method and with parents. Als Research was affiliated Mind Spring as evaluator for this project. On the occasion of the Danish Refugee Council has been tasked to implement a new development period for funds from Social-- and the Ministry of Integration 2012--2016, the Als Research has been asked to look at the previous Mind Spring participants' subsequent experience with the use of Mind Spring methodology .
This evaluation note describes Als Research's evaluation of Mind Spring gradient effect for the participants and a half years after the study program. It is based on interviews with former participants and coaches from Jammerbugt and Varde Municipality. Total has signed 10 informants. The informants participated in the parent group process in the spring of 2012 and has been interviewed in the fall 2013.

Clear minds of participants

Interview survey among former participants in forældregruppeforløbene show that everyone has a clear and very positive memory of their participation in Mind Spring in spring 2012. This is the hallmark of both the interviewed medtræneren and for participants and make the gældnde for informants from both studied kommmuner (Varde and Jammerbugt). It is bemærkelses-- significant that the former participants when they need to verbalize their experiences with Mind Spring general is very følelseslandede and anveder words and phrases that are rarely seen in this kind of bets. Several believe that Mind Spring has "change their lives", others that Mind Spring has "been the best I have met in Denmark". While all express that it has been a unique offer in relation to what they would otherwise have been offers in their integration process and that they would like to see the course offered several.

Importance of Mind Spring for parenting

At Mind Spring has been very important for their role as parents all agree. After their assessment, Mind Spring course so fundamentally changed their relationship with their children and more broadly their views of what children are and how they must be educated. Among the informants, there is agreement that this is particularly reflected in the following three areas: In the attitude to corporal punishment, in seems on how to talk to children about what, and in relation to how to deal with conflicts.

As regards the first, highlighting all that they have stopped beating their children, and have changed views on corporal punishment, previously considered to be a key element in bringing up children. All the former participants in the poll expressed that this change in practice has led to a better relationship with their children and less conflict and that Mind Spring has been a direct result of this change.

Likewise, there is consensus that Mind Spring has affected their views of how to communicate with children. As one participant put it, he has begun "to speak with her children, instead of shouting at them." Through that he found out that "children are wise" and that you can easily get something out to take talk to them. The statement is significant for all informants included in the study.

The participants' parenting practices and views on parenting has changed confirmed by the former medtrænere, by virtue of their role as employees in the respective municipalities still have contact with many of the participants from Mind Spring. It is their experience "that participants have gained a greater understanding of what it means to raise children in two cultures, and they've got a more Western understanding of parenthood and therefore also a different view of children as human beings" as one puts it.

A similar trend can be seen in relation to the conflict in the family, there is another thing pointed to by the participants for the designation of the effects of Mind Spring. All is agreed that there are fewer conflicts in their families, both between adults and between adults and children. To explain this, it is pointed out that the children enhance their share in decision-making processes.



evaluation reports that Als Research have done on MindSpring. They cover courses for parents, young participants and a small study of former participants (parents).

Jacob Als Thomsen.